Saturday, April 26, 2008

5 Years classmate, never end friendship

Dedicated to my beloved friend's
4 to 5 Cendekia

For some life, lasts a short while,
but the memories it holds last forever.

A poem from me for all of us....

We met as a stranger,
never to think one day we r close friend,
We once greet each other, welcoming the relation,
never to think one day we chat with cheer,
We once played together, for joy,
never to think one day we joy playing together.
And now, our path has change,
leaving us apart for our own future,
but that fine, as that what life is all about,
just, never to think,
friendship we're make, end's here
as it will always stay
in our heart........

-Paez Tashu-

[poem kat atas cukop untuk meluahkan perasaan aku]